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Why Are Social Security Applications Denied?

For people who have disabilities, regardless whether it is of physical or mental in nature, can be eligible for financial assistance through various distinct programs offered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). These various programs and financial aids to help with everyday expenses can be given depending on your own specific situation or circumstance. Although these benefits are available, the difficult part is actually applying for it and receiving them.

The main reasons why people with disabilities don’t receive their Social Security disability benefits is because the SSA carries a very exhaustive investigation and application process that be complicated to go through. This, however, should not be a reason to avoid filing for Social Security disability benefits. Consulting legal help, such as finding an Indiana Social Security lawyer (if you are living in the Indiana area), would make the application easier and more possible.

There are generally two requirements that need to be accomplished in order to qualify for Social Security disability benefit. First, a test that will check your recent employment that would determine the beginning of the disability, and second, the test to see whether your tenure in the company (or length of employment) is enough based on the SSA standard. The type of employment should be with those covered by the social Security, and the disability should be one of many listed and accepted by the SSA. The benefits are usually given on a monthly cash basis, and will continue until you will be able enough to return to work in a regular basis.

The laws and rules regarding Social Security disability benefits, and other benefits altogether, can be pretty much the same in each state of the US.