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Seeking Oil Spill Damages as a Non-Profit Entity

Aside from the “profit” organizations surrounding the gulf area, non-profit organizations have also suffered from the effects of the BP Oil Spill. Everybody was affected by the disaster, and because of this, even non-profit organizations have the right to claim compensation for their losses.

The recent changes in the rules may permit non-profit organizations that have been denied in their earlier claim to be eligible and would let become qualify for claims again. Furthermore, a non-profit organization would be most likely to qualify for compensation if it was already in operation before the Deepwater Horizon oil spill occurred in April of 2012. Your claim for compensation can be made more valid if the oil spill caused the business or organization to close down because of the disaster. The location doesn’t even have to be at the beach – any country which is connected or touches the Gulf of Mexico can be eligible for a claim.

Although many people may say that having your accountant file a claim for your is enough, this may not always work out in your favor. Non-profit oil spill claim lawyers can be important, as their representation that could make for a stronger claim, and can make an appeal following a negative decision easier and smoother. Having a lawyer represent and fight for your claim in court can put your mind at ease.

Just as with any legal court processes, non-profit oil spill claim lawyers assess that a claim against Deepwater Horizon could take about six months, or shorter. Compensation for the claims is also high, and it is important to file a claim because otherwise the money that the BP had set aside for payouts will only be returned to them. It would be such a waste to not claim the money, because the compensation may not only help the non-profit organization but also the people who rely of these organizations and the local economy as well.