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Elderly Abuse at Nursing Homes

We all deserve to spend the end of our lives in comfort and happiness. Hopefully, we can also spend time with family or we can pass the hours doing things we love like talking with friends or making crafts. For some people, this can be done in their home where their medical needs are taken care of by a home health aide or a family member. For others, however, an enrollment and stay at a nursing home are required because of medical concerns or constraints on the family’s ability to take care of an elderly person.

No matter your situation, we all have an obligation to provide a safe place for our aging relatives. Contrary to the fears of your older loved one being holed up in a room with nothing to do all day, many nursing homes plan programming including crafts, music, movies, socials, and special events for holidays. These opportunities allow the elderly a chance to live a fulfilling life in their final years, relaxing and meditating upon a successful career and family. This is how it should be in nursing homes, and I am glad that the industry standard is now so much better than it used to be — just a dumping ground for the elderly to live out their final years.

Most nursing homes are attended to by lovely employees with a desire to care for others. Nursing home residents require intensive care sometimes, and the employees are there for any accidents or small injuries incurred from being an elderly resident. Additionally, daily upkeep of the rooms and the residents’ medicinal scheduling are taken care of by nursing home employees. These workers do the difficult tasks that are sometimes too burdensome for people to stay with their family members.

As I have explained, the vast majority of nursing homes are designed for relaxation and attentive care. Most employees have a desire to make the world a better place by improving the lives of our older generations. But as you know, there are exceptions to every rule. Sometimes, nursing homes are a hotbed of abuse or maltreatment.

As the law firm ChasenBoscolo reports on their website, many families seek legal representation after a nursing home not only fails to take care of the elderly but even worse, abuses the elderly. This is a graphic topic for many because of the vulnerability and innocence of the elderly just attempting to live their lives in peace.

Because nursing home populations often have vulnerable populations (from medical conditions or the frailty that comes with old age), they are a target of abuse by those with ill will or those who negligently fail to uphold their responsibility to care for others.

Some instances of abuse including deliberate withholding of medication, administering medication improperly, or even more graphic violations such as failing to address injuries like bed sores or bruises. No amount of abuse is okay. If you or a loved one are not receiving appropriate or even adequate treatment at a nursing home, you should seek out legal representation that will fight for the compensation you deserve.